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Now that the newborn phase is through, you will begin understanding your 2 month old baby’s personality more deeply. You will become acquainted with his likes and dislikes, and what soothes him or makes him cry. You will also become more adept in dealing with his body, how it works and grows, and how you can encourage its development.

 How Is Your 2 Month Old Baby Developing?

 1.   Height & Weight: 

 Your baby is unique. He develops and meets physical and intellectual standards at his own pace, and you should not be surprised if he begins to mature more quickly or more slowly than other babies. However, standards for normal growth have been set as guidelines for you to see if your baby has any problems with his development. Below is the growth chart for babies who have reached the 2-month mark.


Babies’ Average Height and Weight (WHO Child Growth Standards):


































 2.    Brain Development


Get better with their vision. Your baby’s vision starts developing after two months. Colour differences are becoming clearer to your baby, and they start to distinguish between colours.  Your baby will still prefer bright primary colours and clear, bold designs and shapes but they can now see around 60cm from their face.. You can  wave a toy about 20 cm from his face to see how his eyes try to focus on it. Encourage your baby by showing them bright pictures.


At 2 months old your babies hearing will be becoming a better listener and recognize different voices. They will be able to differentiate between familiar voices they’ve heard more frequently. He is especially responsive to his parents’ voices and will pay extra attention when he hears them singing or reading aloud to him. Regularly talking (or singing) to your baby is a great way to get them used to your voice and also a way to sooth and calm them as they become more familiar.

3.   Motor Skills Develpment

 Kicking and waving:

Your baby’s movements are becoming less jerky and slightly more co-ordinated. They start to love kicking out when lying down, which is great exercise and helps strengthen their legs. They may also wave their little fists in excitement. At least we hope it’s excitement.

Pushing up and rolling:

Gain better control over their bodyYour baby is also getting stronger. Your baby may have enough neck muscle power to hold their head up for a few seconds when they’re lying on their tummy or on your shoulder – but not for long. However, you must still be prepared to provide extra head support when necessary. He can now also lift his upper body with his forearms, straighten his legs, and stand with some support.You might find your baby is now rolling around more. They won’t yet be able to fully roll onto their front (although that will come soon!) but you’ll still want to keep an eye on them if you have them elevated e.g. during a nappy change.

Grasping and unclasping:

Your baby was born with a grasping reflex, but they don’t yet know how to let go of things .At this time, your baby will lose his involuntary reflex to grasp objects in front of him. Instead, he will gain the ability to intentionally grip and hold the things he wants to. Notice how he can already keep a tight grip around your finger. It would be best for you to provide your baby with toys which he can use to entertain himself and develop his newfound gripping ability.

 4.   Social Development

 Your baby’s primary means of communicating his needs with you is through crying. There can be many reasons your baby is uncomfortable, so do not be alarmed if he gets upset very frequently. On the other hand, if your baby is happy, you may hear him gurgling, grunting, and cooing. This is usually his response when he recognizes your face and voice.

When your baby turns 2 month old, you’ll need to visit the pediatrician.

5.   Other developments


They won’t yet be teething, but you might notice that your baby is starting to drool more (and making a bit of a mess!), as their salivary glands develop. Fear not though, their drool actually contains a lot of bacteria killing enzymes so it’s no bad thing to get it on their toys or other surfaces they’re interacting with.


You may find that your baby is beginning to sleep in more solid blocks (of 5 or 6 hours) but at 2 months old, it’s still very common for your baby to be waking up in the middle of the night.

Reading to your baby:

They might not be able to follow along just yet, but reading to your baby can help to sooth them, whilst also helping them to become more familiar with your voice. Try varying the tone and intonation of your voice to keep them interested and build a better connection.

How to help your baby develop in month two

  • When you’re talking to your baby, give them time to respond to what you are saying with a look or babble. Research shows babies whose parents who allow them to respond  learn to talk earlier
  • This is a great time to introduce a baby gym – they’ll try to bat at the hanging toys, but careful not to overdo it – a five to 10 minute session is enough, and don’t persevere if they cry. Leave it a week or two and try again
  • Lots of mums get embarrassed about talking to their baby and don’t know what on earth to say. One way to get started is to keep up a kind of commentary on what you’re doing, a bit like a Victorian nanny, according to babycare expert Dr Miriam Stoppard. “They would say, ‘now, shall we put our coats on? Now, let’s go out for a walk. That’s right, into the pram we go.’ I think a child should hear words for much of the time they are awake. Babies have a window when they can learn speech, and it’s open from birth”


Note: all babies are different and although we can encourage them, they will do things at their own pace and in their own time.





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