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Abu bakr Name of one of the Prophets companions
Abyad أبيض A narrator of hadith was so named
Adiy أدعي A companion of the Prophet
Agharr أغار Hansome, beautiful, distinguished illustrious, noble, Magnanimous Name of a companion of the Prophet, bin al-Muzan
Ashaz شاذ One in a million, name of a sahabi during the time of prophet There is a hadith praising his virtue of patience and obedience to parents
Billal بالليل Satisfies thirst, billal was he name of a black slave who ecsepted islam later became the 1st Muezzin (one who calls for prayer) of islam
Budail, budayl Name of a companion of the Prophet
Farafisa فرافيسا Name of a companion, bin Umayr al-Hanafi
Farwah فرواه Name of a few of the companions
Fujai فوجئ Name of Prophets (SAW) companion
Ghazawan غزوان Warrior, companion of Prophet (S.A.W).
Humayl هومايل A companion of the Prophet (SAW)
Hurairah هريرة Narrator of Hadith, a close companion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
Jarood جارود Name of a companion of the Prophet (SAW)
Jumanah جوماناه Pearl
Jundub جوندوب Grasshopper (name of a companion)
Juthamah جثامة Nightmare (name of companion)
Khallad خالد Old, Aged (also name of Prophets (SAW) companion
Khidash خداش Name of Prophet (SAW)s companion
Khunays خنيس Hidden (name of companion)
Khuraymah خريمة (name of companion)
Lajlaj لاجلاج One of prophets (SAW) companions
Laqeet لقيت Well known companion of the Prophet (SAW)
Mihran مهران Name of a companion of the Prophet
Miqdad مقداد Name of a Sahabi
Muadh مواده Protected
Muawiyah مويه Young fox, Sehabie Rasool (sawas)
Mujazziz مجازيز Name of a companion
Mulayl مولايل A companion was so named
Nuaim, nuaym Name of several of the Prophets companions
Omar ومار Long-Lived, omar bin khattab was a sahabi and 2nd khalif, it was in hiz time palestine was open to its people and jews where given right to practise their riligion after 1000 years of cruseder atrocity
Owais عويس A companion of the Prophet (SAW)
Qatadah قتادة Name of a companion of the Prophet
Sariyah صريح Clouds at night
Suhayb صهيب A companions name
Suraqah صرقعه Name of a companion of the Prophet
Thawban ذوبان Name of a companion of the Prophet
Uthman وثمان Name of tht third Caliph
Wail وايل Coming back (for Shelter)
Zubayr زبير Its a proper name, a Sahabas name and the youngest fighter in Al Islam
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