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Taabah تابعه Sweet, Agreeable, Pure, Excellent
Taadeel تعديل Moderation, equality
Taahira طاهرة Pure, Chaste
Taahirah طاهره Clean
Taaiba طابا Repentant
Taaibah تايبه One who refrains from evil-doings, repentant.
Taalea تالي Fortunate
Taaliah تاليه Lucky, fortunate, fortune
Taalluf تالف Harmony, Intimacy, Mutual Affection
Taaqul تقول Wise thought.
Taasees تاسيس Inception, foundation.
Taba تابا Clean
Tabahhuj تبهج Be glad, Cheerful
Tabahhur تبهر Like the river, Profoundly learned, Deep
Tabalah تباله She was a narrator of Hadith
Taban طبعن Glittering, splendid.
Tabana تبنى Bright moonlight.
Tabani تبني Light
Tabassum تبسم Smiling
Tabasumm تبسم Sweet smile
Tabeedah تعبده Complex, zigzag, curling.
Tabeen تبين Followers.
Tabeer تعبير Result of deeds.
Tabina تبينا Enlighting, sparkling.
Tabinda تبيندا Bright, shining
Tafida تفيد Paradise egyptian name
Taghrid تغريد Singing as a bird
Tahani تهاني Congratulations
Tahera طاهرة Pure, chaste
Taheraortahira تحررتهرا Pure, chaste.
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