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Rabitah ربيته Bond, tie
Rabiya ربي Princess, Queen
Rabiyah ربيه Hill
Rabwa ربوة Hill.
Rachida رشيدة well guided
Radeyah راضية Content, satisfied
Radhiya راضية means Content
Radhiyaa راضيا Content, Satisfied
Radhwa رضوى Name of mountain in Medina
Radifa رديفا One who is full of shame.
Radiya رضي Veiled, covered.
Radiyah راضيه Content, satisfied
Radiyah, radhiya Content, satisfied
Radiyahorradhiya راضيهرذيا Content, satisfied
Radiyyah راضيه (Raziyyah), Pleased, delighted, contented.
Radwa رضوى contentment
Radwa, radhwaa a mountain in Medina
Radwaorradhwa ردورذوا a mountain in Medina
Raeefa ريفا Compassionate,Kind
Raeesa رايس Leader, chief, princess
Raeesah ريسه Princess
Raeha رايها Fragrance, perfume, scent.
Raeleah ريله Rays of sunshine
Rafa رافا Happiness, prosperity.
Rafa, rafa Happiness, prosperity
Rafah رفح Pleasant, luxurious life
Rafah, rafat Mercy
Rafal رافال to trail a garment
Rafat رافات Mercy, compassion, pity.
Rafee رافي means High
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