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Na نا naayela-achiever
Naadhirah ناظره (Naazirah) One with healthy and happy looks, a bright face reflecting luster and freshness.
Naadirah نادره Rare, choice, precious.
Naafiah نافيه Profitable, advantagious, useful, beneficial, good.
Naailah نايلة Earner, winner.
Naairah ناره Bright, Shining
Naajidah نجده Courageous, a lady who accomplishes difficult or takes libertasks. one who appeals for help ties.
Naajiya ناجية One who saves oneself, One who gets salvation.
Naashirah ناشره A helper, a friend.
Naashitah ناشطة Lively, brisk, active, energetic, a monitor, a giving sound
Naasihah ناصحه An advisor, a sincere friend: counselor, a faithful minister, advice.
Naasira ناصر Defender, Helper, One who helps render victorious, Friend
Naaz ناز Pride, elegance
Naazhimah نازحيمة (Naazimah) Administrator, manager
Naazhirah نظهرة (Naazirah) Fresh, spectator, seer.
Naazira ناظرة One with healthy and happy
Naazneen نظن Beautiful
Naba نابا Great News
Nabaahat نباهة Renown, Nobleness, Eminence
Nabaha نباهة Fame, nobility
Nabawiya نبوية Prophetic.
Nabeeha نبيها Intelligent
Nabeela نبيلة Noble
Nabeelah نبيله Noble
Nabiha نبيهة Eminent, noble, alert, intelligent
Nabihah نبيهه Intelligent, noble, eminent
Nabihah, nabeeha Intelligent
Nabihahornabeeha نابيهاهورنابييها Intelligent
Nabijah نبيجة Ambitious, Leader and Brave
Nabila نبيلة Happiness, generosity
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