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Ma ما heights
Ma as-sama A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar, had this name
Maaarifa معاريف Face, Countenance, Features
Maab مآب Place to which one returns
Maahirah ماهره Skillful, able, experienced.
Maahnoor ماهنر Glow of Moon
Maali مآلي Noble things
Maarya ماريا A lady of fair complexion...Wife of the Prophet PBUH
Maawa ماوى HEAVEN
Mabrooka مبروك Blessed, prosperous
Mabrouka مبروك lucky
Mada مادا Utmost point, degree
Madaniya مدنية Civilized, urbane, polished.
Madaniyah مدنية Civilised, cultured
Madeeha ماضيها Praiseworty
Madhat مدحت Praise
Madiha ماضيها Praiseworthy
Madihah مديحه Praiseworthy
Madihah, madeeha Praiseworthy, commendable
Madihahormadeeha ماديهاهورمادييها Praiseworthy, commendable
Magda ماجدا Glorious
Maha ماها Wild cow
Mahabbah محبه Love, affection
Mahala محالة Brave.
Mahalfa محالفة Opponent.
Maham مهام Wife of mughal emperor Zahir.
Mahasin محسن Beauties
Mahbasah محبسه A narrator of Hadith
Mahbooba محبوبة Dear, beloved sweetheart
Mahboobah محبوبه mistress,sweetheart
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