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Faiza فيزا Gain
Faizah فايزه Successful
Faizah, faiza Victorious, winner
Fajr فاجر Dawn, morning prayer
Fakeeaha فقيها Cheerful, amusing, happy, humorous
Fakeehah فقيهة Cheerful
Fakhar فخر Honour, pride, glory.
Fakhira فاخرة Excellent, glorious
Fakhirah فاخره Splendid, Elegant
Fakhitah فاخته A dove, a ringed turtledove, the name of a Sahabiyyah.
Fakhr فاخر Glory, pride, honour.
Fakhra فاخرا Good, new
Fakhri فاخري Glory.
Fakhriya فخرية Proud, honorary, glory
Fakhriyah فخريه Honorary
Fakhriyya فخرية Feminine form of FAKHRI
Fakhta فاختا Dove
Fakhtah فاختاه A dove
Fakiha فاكهة Fruit
Fakihah فاكهه Fruit
Fakira فقيرة Thinker.
Falahat فلاحة Welfare, benefit.
Falak فلك Star
Falakara فالكرة One who decorates the sky
Falaki فلكي Celestial, Heavenly
Falaknaz فالقناز Sky
Falaq فالاق Break of dawn
Faliha فعليها Fortunate, lucky, successful
Falihah فالحه Successful
Falina فالعين Cat like, Latin origin
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