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Azzah أذاه Young, gazelle
Azzah, azza Young, gazelle
Baasima باسمة Smiling
Badai بدي Pl. of Badia, wonder, marvel.
Badeeah باديه Astonishing, amazing, marvel, wonder
Badia باديا Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique
Badiah باديه Unprecedented, amazing, admirable, unique
Badiah, badia Unprecedented, amazing, admirable, unique
Badiaorbadiah بضربدة Unprecedented, amazing, admirable, unique
Badiha بديهة Insight, perceptive faculty.
Badiyah باديه Desert
Badr بادر full moon
Badra بادرة Full moon
Badriya بدرية Resembling full moon
Badriyah بدريه Resembling the full moon
Badriyah, badriyyah, badriya Resembling the full moon
Badriyyah بدريه Resembling the full moon
Badyah باديه Clear, knowledgeable person.
Baha باها Value, Worth
Bahaar بحار Spring
Bahar بحر Spring, Prime of life, Bloom of youth
Baharbano بحربنه Blooming princess
Baheeja بهيجة Happy
Baheera بحيرة Dazzling, brilliant.
Bahia باهيا Nice
Bahiga بهيجة Variant transcription of BAHIJA
Bahija بهيجة Glad, happy, joyful
Bahijah بهيجة Magnificent, splendid
Bahira بحيرة Dazzling, brilliant
Bahirah بحيره Dazzling, brilliant, noble lady
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