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Faadilah فاضله (Faazilah), Accomplished, virtuous, a female scholer.
Faaiza فايزة Victorious, Triumphant
Faaizah فايزه Successful, prosperous, victorious
Faakhira فاخرة Proud, Excellent, Precious
Faakihah فاكهه Fuirts.
Faakirah فاكره Elegant, splendid, proud
Faariah فاره Name of Sahabiyyah.
Faariha فارعها Happy, glad, delighted
Faarihah فارهة A swift she-camel.
Faatihah فاتحه Begning, introduction, perface, opner, conqueror.
Faatin فاتن Captivating
Faatina فاتنة Captivating
Faazila فظل Virtuous, honest, excellent
Fadeelah فضيلة Superiority
Fadheela فضيلة Virtuous, outstanding
Fadhila فضيلة Virtuous
Fadia فاديا Redeemer, ransomer, fem.
Fadila فضيلة Good looking, attractive
Fadilah فضيلة Distinguished, learned
Fadilah, fadheela Virtuous, outstanding, superior, cultured and refined
Fadilahorfadeelah فاديلاهورفادييلاه Virtuous, outstanding, superior, cultured and refined
Fadiya فاضية Savior,Sincere,Sacrificing
Fadiyah فاضيه Redeemer, self sacrificing
Fadwa فدوى Name derived from self sacrifice
Fadwah فدوه Name derived from self-sacrifice
Fadyaa فاديا Sacrificing
Faeezah فايزه Leader
Fahdah فهده Leopardess
Fahdah, fahada Leopardess
Faheema فهيمة Intelligent, Learned
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