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Za زا chief
Zaabit ذابت Clever man, one who remembers.
Zaad زاد Victory, success.
Zaafir ظافر Victorious
Zaahid زاهد Abstinent, one who has no mundane ambitions.
Zaahir زاهر A blooming flower
Zaair زائر Visitor, guest
Zaakir ذاكر Rememberer of Allah
Zaal زال Brisk
Zaarib زارب One who beats, stricker.
Zabar زبر Strong
Zabarjad زبرجد Emerald
Zabba زبى Latch, door lock.
Zabeeb زبيب edge of a sword
Zaboor زبور chant
Zabrij زبرج Beauty, decoration.
Zaby زبي Gazelle
Zaeem زعيم The leader
Zafar ظفار Victory
Zafeer زفير Of firm and resolute intention.
Zafir زافير Victorious
Zaghar زغار Abundance
Zaghlul زغلول Young pigeon
Zaheen ذحين Sagacious, intelligent.
Zaheer زهير Bright and shining
Zaheeruddawlah زهيردولة Helper of the religion (Islam).
Zaheeruddin زهيردن Helper of the religion (Islam).
Zahhaak زهق A person who laughs most.
Zahi زاهي Beautiful, brilliant, glowing.
Zahid زاهيد Self denying, abstentious, ascetic
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