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Yaafis يافث Increase
Yaameen يامين Blessed, auspicious.
Yaamin يامين Blessed, auspicious.
Yaaqoot ياقوت Ruby, a precious stone, a garnet.
Yaar يار (Persian) Friend.
Yaarunnabi يارونب Friend of the Prophet (Muhammad)
Yaaseen ياسين Name of a surah in the Holy Quran, A title of The Holy Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him).
Yaasir ياسر Name of a Sahabi (RA).
Yaasmeen ياسمين A sweet-smelling flower called jasmin.
Yaasoob يصوب Alis Title
Yaawar ياور (Persian) Aiding, friendly, An a panion, friend.
Yacoob ياكوب Prophets name
Yacoub ياكوب Jacob
Yaeesh يعيش Bin al-Jahm was a narrator of Hadith.
Yafi يافي A narrator of hadith
Yagana يجنى Unique, unprecedented.
Yaghnam ياغنام A narrator of hadith
Yahiya يحيى Ilike name yahiya, Islamic prophet
Yahuda يهودا Praised
Yahya يحيى A Prophets name (John)
Yahyaa يحيا A Prophets name
Yahyah ياهيه Name of "John the Baptist."
Yakta يقطع Unique.
Yakub ياكوب Variant transcription of YAQUB, Arabic form of YaAqov (see JACOB).
Yala يالا Height.
Yalaa يلا Name of a Sahabi(RA).
Yalmaz يلماز sahabi name
Yama ياما Old Lord.
Yamak ياماك A king.
Yaman يامان Good tidings
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