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Taheer تحير Pure.
Tahfeez تحفيز To praise, to describe.
Tahib تاهيب Watchful.
Tahir تاهير Pure, clean, chaste, modest
Tahleem تحلم Ornament, beauty.
Tahmeed تحميض Praise, appreciation
Tahmid تحميض Praising Allah
Tahoor طهور Purity
Tahseen تحسين Acclaim, appreciation
Tahsin تحسين Beautification
Taib تايب Repentant, penitent.
Taif طيف Vision, specter.
Taim allah, taym allah Servant of God
Taimallah تعمله Servant of God
Taimim تعميم the perfect one
Taimoor تيمور (Made of) Steel
Taimullah تعمله Servant of Allah.
Taimur تيمور Iron
Taisir تيسير Making easy, facilitating
Taj al din Crown of the faith
Tajaldin تجلدن Crown of the faith
Tajammal تجامل Beautiful
Tajammul تجامل Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp
Tajdar تجدر Ruler, king, emperor
Tajim تاجيم Respect
Tajuddin تجدين Crown of the religion (Islam).
Tajudinn تجدين Crown of religion
Tajwar تاجوار King, ruler, emperor
Talaat تلات Apearance of sun
Talab طلب Demand.
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