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Saariyah ساريه Clouds at night
Sab ساب Beautiful
Sabaahat صباحات Beauty, gracefulness, comeliness.
Sabah صباح Morning.
Sabahat صباحات Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness
Sabaque سابق One who surpasses or excels.
Sabat سبت Firmness, stability, certain
Sabawoon صابون Dawn/Morning
Sabbaah صباح Fair complexioned
Sabeeh صبيح A narrator of Hadith
Sabeer سبير Patient, tolerant.
Sabih صبيح Coming or arrival
Sabih, sabeeh Beautiful, pleasant, fond
Sabiq سابيق First, winner.
Sabir صابر Patient
Sabir, sabeer Patient, persevering
Sabit سبيت Strong, well-established
Saboor صبور Patient, tolerant, forbearing.
Sabri صبري Of patience, perseverence
Sabuh صبح Shining, brilliant.
Sabur سابور Patient, perservent
Saburah صبوره A narrator of Hadith
Sad al din Good of the Faith
Sadaan سعدان Happier, luckier.
Sadaaqat صداقات Trut
Sadaat سادات Princes, lords, chiefs title
Sadad صدد Right thing to do, lucky hand
Sadaldin سعدالدين Good of the Faith
Sadan سادن Happy, fortunate
Sadaqat صداقات Truth
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