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Naabih نابيه Noble, famous, eminent, dist
Naadhir ناظر Fresh.
Naadir نادر Dear, Rare, Precious
Naail نايل Acquirer, Earner
Naajy ناجي Safe
Naaqid ناقد A critic, a reviewer
Naase ناس Clear, pure, white.
Naasih ناسيه Advisor
Naasir ناصر Defender, Helper, One who helps render victorious, Friend
Naasiruddeen نسرد
Naasiruddin نسردن Defender of Islam, Defender of the religion
Naasiruddolah نسردلة Defender of the state
Naasirulislam نآسيروليسلام Defender of Islam
Naathim ناظم Arranger, Adjuster
Nabeeh نبيه Noble, Outstanding
Nabeel نبيل Noble Man
Nabhan نابهان Alert
Nabhan, nabih Noble, outstanding
Nabi نابي Prophet sent by Allah
Nabi bakhsh Gift of the Prophet.
Nabigh نابيغ Genius
Nabighah نبغاه Intelligent
Nabih نابيه Smart
Nabil نابيل Noble, generous
Nabiullah نبيله An epithet of the Prophet Nuh.
Nacer نشر triumphant victor
Nadeem نديم Companion, Friend
Nader نادر Variant transcription of NADIR
Nadhir نظير Warner
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