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Jaabir جابر Consoler, Comforter
Jaafar جعفر Rivulet
Jaah جاه Respect.
Jaan جآن Life, Soul
Jabal جابال Mountain, ibn Yazid
Jabalah جبله Mountain, hill
Jaban جابان Soft hearted
Jabar جابار comforting
Jabbaar جبار (Arabic) Mighty, One who had the ascendancy, king, One who commiserates the bereaved, an attribute of Allah, Name Abdul Jabbaar.
Jabbar جبار Mighty, brave
Jabeen جبين River Ganga
Jabez جابيز God will increase your boundary
Jabir جابير Consoler, comforter
Jabr جابر Mighty, brave, Compulsion name of a companion
Jabril جابريل Variant transcription of JIBRIL
Jad allah Gift of God
Jadallah جادالله The Generosity of Allah swt
Jadwal جدول Brook, rivulet.
Jafar جافار Rivulet, stream
Jaffar جعفر stream in Arabic.
Jaffer جعفر stream in Arabic.
Jafri جفري Yellow Flower.
Jahaafil جحافل Great army,Powerful
Jahan جاهان World.
Jahanafirin جاهانافيرين Another name for God, creator
Jahangeer جهنجر (Persian), Name of a Mogul king.
Jahangir جهنجر A moghul emperor had this name
Jahanzeb جهنزب Beautiful
Jahdami جهدم An authority for hadith had this name
Jahdari جحدر An authority of Quran had this name
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