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Ibr يبر Prophet Abraham
Ibraheem إبراهيم A Prophets name
Ibrahim إبراهيم Father of a multitude
Ibrar ابرار Helpfull Peacfull
Ibtihaj إبتهاج Joy
Ibtisam إبتسم Smiling, smile.
Idrak إدراك Intellect, perception, achie
Idrees إدريس A Prophets name
Idris إدريس A Prophets name
Ieethaar إيثار (Isaar), Sacrifice, selflessness.
Iesa عسى A Prophets name
Ifran إفران Identity
Ifraz إفراز Height, altitude
Iftikhar افتخر Honour, grace, glory, pride
Iftikhar-ud-din Pride of the religion (Islam).
Iftikharus sadat Pride of the chiefs.
Ihab يهاب Leather
Ihsaan إحسان Beneficence
Ihsan إحسان Kindness, beneficence
Ihsanul haq Kindness of the Truthah).
Ihtesham احتشام Magnificiant
Ihtiraam إحترام Honour, hold in honour.
Ihtiram إحترام Honour, hold in honour
Ihtishaam احتشام Having many followers
Ihtisham احتشام Modesty, decency
Ihtsham احتشام Strength
Ijaz يجاز Miracle, inimitability
Ijazul haq Inimitability of the Truth
Ijlal إجلال Glorification, exaltation
Ijli يجلي This was the name of the makes of astrolabes
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