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Baadi بادي Distinct, evident, plain
Baadir بادر Shining
Baadiyah باديه Name of a sahahiyyah.
Baahi باهي Glorious, magnificent.
Baahir باهر Dazzling, Brilliant
Baaligh بالغ Major.
Baar بآر Just, Pious.
Baare بار Brilliant, superior, outstan
Baari باري Originator, creator.
Baariq بارق Shining, lightning, bright
Baasha باشا Don
Baasim باسم Smiling
Baasir باسر Seeing, wise.
Baasit باسط One who spreads or grants prosperity
Baaz باز Falcon
Babar بابار Origin: Hindi Literal Meaning: Lion Contextual meaning: King of Jungle
Babbar بابار Tiger
Baber بابير Courageous, Lion
Babik بابك Law, A King Name
Babrak بابراك Little Basilica Flower.
Bachir بشير advertiser
Badar بدر Full moon
Badee بدي Wonderful, Marvellous, Unique, Amazing
Badeeh باديه Wonderous.
Badi بادي Marvelous
Badi al zaman The marvel of time
Badialzaman بديلزما THE MARVEL OF TIME
Badiul alam Unique in the world.
Badiuz zaman Genius of the time.
Badiuzzamaan بادزما Wonder of the age
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