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Aaban آبان Name of the Angel
Aabdar بدر Bright, like glass.
Aabid أبيض worshipper
Aabis أبيس Lucky.
Aadam آدام The first prophet of Allah
Aadheen اذن Obedient, submissive.
Aadhil أظل Honorable Judge
Aadil عادل Just, Upright
Aafa آفا forgiver
Aafaq آفاق The place where the earth & sky meet
Aafiya عافية Good Health
Aahil أهل Prince
Aaid آيد Restore
Aakif اقيف devoted
Aalam آلام World
Aalamgeer المجير Conqueror of the world.
Aalee الي Sublime, high
Aali آلي High, tall.
Aalim اليم Religious Scholar
Aameen آمين Faithful , Trustworthy,
Aamer عامر Ordering person
Aamil اميل Doer, Work man
Aamir آمير Civilised
Aamirah اميره Inhabitant
Aaqib عقيب Follower
Aaqil عقيل Intelligent
Aarib عريب Handsome, healthy.
Aarif أعرف Knowing, aware
Aariz أرز Respectable man
Aarzam رزم War, battle, quarrel.
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